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Low environmental impact

Environmentally friendly from the spring to the bottle.

Goccia di Carnia makes environmental ethics a cornerstone of its work, not only in the low impact of its plant and by guaranteeing product purity, but in a new vision of cooperation and openness with the territory and with its operators to preserve its resources.

A simple formula: less plastic = less CO2
In recent years Goccia di Carnia has reduced the weight of PET bottles while maintaining high quality standards: you can therefore drink from a bottle that pollutes less, since the decrease of about 10% of the raw material has allowed a significant reduction of CO2 emissions, proving the strength and stability of our bottles, thanks to the reinforced parts in the collection point.

PET: from waste to resource.
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a material that combines security in water conservation and sustainability because, being it 100% RECYCLABLE, you are sure to drink mineral water exactly as it gushes out from the spring without alteration and, once properly disposed of, can be used again under other forms.

For example:
• With a plastic bottle you can keep a 60-watt bulb lit for one hour
• With 20 bottles you can make a fleece sweater
• Recycling 1 Kg of plastic means saving a good 30 KWh = 300 100 W bulbs lit for 1 hour
• 75% of the material used to manufacture a t-shirt can be supplied from recycled drinks bottles